Flash in the pan Gordon…

Gordon Brown has promised a new settlement. It will be built on the moon. He says that this will give more power to the people and to Parliament. He states that Britain’s main three challenges are security, the environment, and the rise of Asian economic power. And, that his domestic focus will be excellence, excellence, excellence in education. He has woken up to the fact that there is a job to be done for the future of Britain. He claims that the next ten years we will have challenges that are quite different than we have ever faced before. Therefore, he claims that it needs a new kind of politics in this country, and it needs new style of government. Instead of the government governing, the people are going to govern for themselves. As there is not enough room on Tony Blair’s old sofa, he says that he intends to throw this out of Number 10 Downing Street, and everyone can sit on the floor cross legged as though in some 1960s hippy commune. He says that before he would reach any decision on any future policy, he wants to hear the views of all 60 million inhabitants of the country. Then he will talk to them all individually. Then he will consult with them and debate with them. This all sounds like communism to me. He doesn’t think that being Prime Minister is any different than being Chancellor. Government of the people, by the people, for the people. Where have I heard that before? He says he wants to help people, and that he is not interested in the trappings of office. Then why doesn’t he give up his job and go and work in the voluntary sector? He claims that he was against the decision of Tony Blair’s to go to war with Iraq. I do not recall him speaking out at the time or resigning his post over the issue. For someone who was not very good at accounting, all of a sudden he wants the government to be more accountable, and Parliament and the public to have a bigger say. I thought that the government were already accountable to the public. And Parliament has always had a bigger say since Charles the First lost his head. The people have their say at the ballot box. He intends to alter the balance of power between the Executive, Parliament and the Public. He has not included the Judiciary because this institution is to be replaced by the public. In future he says that the government will not do anything for the people, in self government they will have to cope for themselves. He intends to put education above defence, law and order, health etc. He fears that our children are faring worse than those in China and India. I have never heard so much crap in all my life. If the public do not lynch him, I will lock him up in the Bloody Tower as a bloody traitor to the country!


2 Responses to Flash in the pan Gordon…

  1. dave heasman says:

    Communism, eh? That should float J Reid’s boat, he was very much for that. As long as it ‘s the right sort of communism of course. Plenty of uniformed torturers and big black jails overwhelming the cityscape. He’ll love it.

  2. reidmylips says:

    All in the past for me. I’m very much in favour of the centre ground now. About a mile and a half to the right of the path Margaret Thatcher used to tread. I was very taken by the autobiography of a corporal (not Jones) but one in the Austrian Army, who later rose to power and ruled much of Europe for a few years.

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