Saudi style justice

This is a personal comment, and not government policy, but I would love nothing more than to chop off the ears and hands of those who use mobile phones whilst driving. That is, implement a Saudi style of justice. However, we have to be more moderate. Still, I will be introducing new legislation in the New Year, namely, manslaughter charges to cover those who kill someone whilst driving and using no hands free mobile phones.

Another area which concerns me, is the amount of people who do not believe that a red light at traffic lights means stop. Too often drivers are ignoring this and putting others road users at risk. I intend to introduce legislation in the New Year, for a maximum ten year jail sentence for those who cause a crash by jumping a red light.


2 Responses to Saudi style justice

  1. yucca says:

    wow, Home Secretary, you have almost convinced me to vote for you…

  2. reidmylips says:

    Oh dear, only almost! What have I to do to get your vote?

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