Solving the prison overcrowding crisis

I plan to relocate people living on the Isle of Wight to the mainland, and turn the island into Britain’s Alcatraz. The island will be renamed and become Vectis. My idea is to close down all prisons on the mainland and transfer the prisoners to Vectis. There will be no prison guards anymore, however, there will be marine patrols of the Solent. Their orders will be to operate a shoot to kill policy upon swimmers in case they are escapees from Vectis. The prisoners will have to become self sufficient. Their relatives will be relocated to Vectis, and those people relocated from the Isle of Wight will take possession of their properties. Anyone not completely satisfied with their relocation to the mainland will receive compensation to offset any loss they have incurred. Even though there will be no prison guards anymore, there will still be contracts offered to private security firms to transport prisoners from the courts to Vectis.


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