My Struggle

I want to be Prime Minister. Not at this very minute, I hasten to add. But, when Tony Blair stands down willingly. Or, is knocked off his high horse like the Tories did to Margaret Thatcher in the Night of the Long Knives. Then again, he can hardly remain in office if he was to get arrested and charged by the police. There’s the cash-for-peerages investigation, and perhaps he might face trial for war crimes. I don’t believe in abusing the power of my office for personal gain. But, if I was to have absolute power and I used that as I saw fit then I could not possibly be abusing power.

There is of course the small problem of Gordon Brown. He sees himself as a pretender to the throne. I find him irritating. I might just level a charge at him that his refusing to finance my plan to build five new prisons makes him a danger to the public. As I am in charge of protecting the public, I would be well within my rights to have him arrested. The Criminal Justice Act 2003 allows for imprisoning anybody without trial who is deemed to be a danger to the public.


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